All About Our Kids Classes!

Insight Fine Art Studio is rolling into it's second year, and we have been thrilled to see an increase in demand for our kids classes for students ages 7 to 18. We are so excited to expand our programs and class offerings for kids, and we're happy to have so many new students join us at the studio. As we prepare to open more class days and times for kids in 2018, I thought that I would share a series of posts about our kids classes, so that readers can learn about the beautiful artwork our students are creating, and what our program is all about. In this post, I'll give you a brief overview of the program, and go into more depth in future installments. Stay tuned!

Anyone can learn to draw.

I've been teaching drawing and painting to kids and adults for the past seventeen years, and I know that this is true. Although some people believe that artistic ability is something you are either born with, or not, I'm here to tell you that anyone can learn to draw! Most schools and art programs don't teach the specific skills that students need to draw and paint with confidence and accuracy. Art is a broad field. However, at Insight Fine Art Studio, we focus on representational drawing and painting, so if increasing your skill, ability and confidence is what you are looking for, for yourself or your child, you've come to the right place!

Individual Instruction

Although anyone can learn to draw, we don't offer a one-size-fits-all approach. We know that students of different ages, experience levels, and interests need differentiated instruction, so we work with each and every student in our classes on an individual basis. It's like getting a private art lesson in a group setting. Best of all, our experienced teachers all have one thing in common; our approach to teaching. Our classes are encouraging and supportive, and that's part of what makes it fun for our students. They'll work on projects that fit their interests and abilities, with individualized guidance and step by step instruction from a classically trained artist. While future posts in this series will go into detail about what our students learn, in short, students will learn to draw what they see with accuracy and confidence.

Program Progression


In our drawing program, students use pastel, charcoal and graphite to create artwork. They'll be able to simplify complex forms, place lines accurately by looking at alignments and compare elements to achieve correct proportions in their drawings. Through the use of shading, students will learn to accurately describe three-dimensional form in their work. (All artwork by Insight Fine Art Students, Ages 8 to 13)


Students moving to watercolor will be introduced to color theory. They'll learn to mix colors, create a color wheel, and create gradations of color between primary colors and their complements. As students create artwork in watercolor, they'll learn how to apply a flat wash, build up their paintings in layers, and create texture in their paintings. (All artwork by Insight Fine Art Students, Ages 9 to 11)

Acrylic and Oil Painting

As students move to acrylic and oil painting, they'll be challenged to match colors, and apply the paint in both opaque and transparent layers. Students learn how to simplify complex subjects, first "blocking in" the painting, and then adding detail, texture and dimension to their work. (all artwork by Insight Fine Art Studio Students, ages 10-14)

Try a Class For Free

While most of our current kids classes are full, we'll be adding lots of new weekly class times soon. Get in on the ground floor when the new classes open! Be sure and add your name to our waitlist, here. When your preferred class officially launches, we'll let you know and schedule your child for a free introductory session.

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