I miss your faces!

Hi Everyone,

This is definitely a lonely time at the studio. I know some of you might be drawing or painting at home, and I hope that you'll keep sending me pictures of your work. I can offer feedback and suggestions, and even give you a markup that you can use to improve your piece.

I also wanted to create a video drawing demo for you. You can just watch the demonstration, or you can draw along with me. I'll attach the reference to this post, and you can download it and print it at home. I would be happy to give Insight students feedback so send me pictures of your finished work!

With limited equipment to film (my phone, a broken tripod, a roll of duct tape) this was a more difficult project to execute than I initially anticipated. I'm still working out the kinks, but as the saying goes, "done is better than good." Draw along with me here:

If you're looking for reference material for drawings, sketches, paintings, etc., check out unsplash.

Do you have a subject you'd like me to draw or paint in a short demo? Hit me with your ideas! I'll be putting out a couple of videos a week, in watercolor, charcoal, graphite, and perhaps oil or acrylic. What would you like to see?

Today's reference:

Enjoy! Be well. I'm thinking of all of you during this stressful time, and hope I see you all again soon.


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