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Student Spotlight: Samantha Kraus on Painting

Samantha Kraus is a long time student at Insight, starting classes at the studio just after Insight opened it's doors in 2016. Each week, Samantha brings a focus and enthusiasm to her paintings that makes them a joy to see, and makes Samantha a joy to have in class. We asked Samantha about the challenges and rewards of drawing and painting, and to share her plans for the future:

Samantha Kraus
What is your favorite thing about painting?

My favorite thing about painting is that it allows me to relax and really focus on my project without having to worry about things that happen outside of the studio. It helps me relax and unwind from my school and home life.

What is the most challenging thing about painting?

The most challenging thing about painting for me is trusting the process when things don’t look how I envision them, and letting go of the fear of messing something up.

What inspires you to paint?

My inspiration comes from other painters that I see that inspire me to continue to explore different subject matters and painting techniques.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

Most likely pursue art in high school and college.

student drawing with charcoal
Samantha at the studio painting a still life, 2019

Do you have a favorite painting or drawing that you have created? What makes it your favorite?

My favorite painting that I have created is a landscape of a street in Chicago, showing blue lights on the left and red lights on the right. I was very pleased with the finished result that I worked very hard to achieve. I struggled a lot with the architecture and making the lines perfectly straight, which made it very rewarding when I finished my piece. I named it “Kenopsia” and submitted it along with 2 other pieces into the all-city arts competition, where it won exhibition.

painting of water
"Kenopsia" Oil on Canvas, 16" x 20" inches by Samantha Kraus
Do you plan on continuing to paint and draw in the future?

Yes, I do plan on continuing to draw and paint in the future.

Thanks to Samantha for taking the time to share your thoughts, and all of your hard work and effort at the studio!

landscape oil painting
Oil on Canvas, 12" x 16", Samantha Kraus

sunset with clouds painting
Oil on Canvas, 11" x 14", Samantha Kraus

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